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The Confederate Cabinet PDF Print E-mail

PRESIDENT - Jefferson Davis (1861-1865)
VICE PRESIDENT - Alexander H. Stephens (1861-1865)

Robert Toombs (1861)
Robert M. Hunter (1861-1862)
Judah P. Benjamin (1862-1865)

Christopher Memminger (1861-1864)
George A. Trenholm (1864-1865)
John H.  Reagan (1865)

Leroy P. Walker (1861)
Judah P. Benjamin (1861-1862)
George W. Randolph (1862)
James A Seddon (1862-1865)
John C. Breckinridge (1865)

Stephen R. Mallory (1861-1865)

John H. Reagan (1861-1865)

Judah P. Benjamin (1861)
Thomas Bragg (1861-1862)
Thomas H. Watts (1862-1863)
George Davis (1864-1865)

Request a Living History Visit PDF Print E-mail

The North Carolina Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans is pleased to recommend the following reenacters that are available to perform Living History demonstrations for your classroom, school assembly, meeting, service, or special event.


If you would like to be listed on this page, please contact our Lt. Commander by clicking the link to email him. Thank you.


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Recommended Speakers PDF Print E-mail

The North Carolina Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans is pleased to recommend the following speakers for your next meetings, service, or special event. If you would like to be listed on this page, please contact our webmaster by clicking the link to email him. Thank you.



Donald Archer, Jr. from Statesville, NC 704-402-8930 / generaljohnston1@gmail.com
Subject(s): programs focus on the Confederate States Armies and the Confederate Command Structure, and strategy to fight the war used in these armies. They vary from topics on the state level of Confederate States Armies to the National Confederate level. Also speaks on several battles such as the Peninsula Campaign, the Plymouth, North Carolina campaign under General Hoke, the Georgia campaigns in 1864 under General Johnston, and his strategy there. As well as the battles of Bentonville, and Averasboro, North Carolina as well as programs on the Confederate States Government and many other topics.


Tom Belton from Raleigh, NC 919-715-0200
Subject(s): Confederate Flags, NC History Museum, NC Archives

Byron Brady from Raleigh, NC 919-622-0606 - byronbrady@aol.com
Subject(s): John Wilkes Booth Escape Route; The 150th Anniversary of the Return of the CSS Shenandoah to Liverpool, England with Gary Lee Hall.
Information: Member of 47th Regiment NC Troops SCV Camp 166 in Wake Forest and the Captain James Iredell Waddell Chapter 32 of MOSB in Raleigh.

Robert Brickhouse from Sanford, NC €919-776-3871 / brickhouse@windstream.net
Subject(s): "Endore Furnace€", located in Lee County. They produced Iron Ore for use in making Cannon Balls during the WBTS.


Steven A. Campbell from Mt. Gilead, NC 910-439-4994 / campmckay1358@gmail.com
Subject(s): Robert E. Lee: Not Just a Soldier; Arlington at Rest (Arlington National Cemetery);
Savior of the Valley (Thomas. J. "Stonewall" Jackson); Victorious 'til Death (Lee and Jackson); The Myth in the Mist (John S. Mosby); A Frenzy at Fredericksburg; Delivering and Receiving the Charge - Gettysburg and The Human Factor & How Human Nature Impacts History

Alex Cheek 336-414-1050 - ncconfederate@triad.rr.com
Subject(s): NC Ironclads, Confederate Navy, Charlotte Navy Yard, Raphael Semmes and the Alabama, Laird Rams, The CSS Stonewall, CSS Arkansas, CSS Shenandoah, Various talks on Senators and Political figures.

Greg Cheek 336-428-2026 / ghcheek@earthlink.net
Subject(s): U.S. Mint in Southern Hands; Confederate Currency and Bonds; The Numismatic Confederate; NC WBTS Currency; Honoring the Hunley and Her Crew; The Confederate Cent - Fact and Mystery; Lawrence O-Bryan Branch - The Civilian Brigadier; Money Used in Salem NC, Before and During the War Between the States; John Willis Ellis - North Carolina Citizen, Lawyer, State Senator, Judge, Governor and Southern Patriot and the following titles:

Highlighting the 1908 North Carolina UCV Reunion: In August 1908 the North Carolina Division of the United Confederate Veterans held their annual reunion in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This program highlights activities and personalities of the reunion based on actual accounts from Winston-Salem Journal newspapers from the summer of 1908.

The 1863 Bond School House Shootout: In February of 1863, the local Yadkin County militia clashed with some local citizens attempting to avoid Confederate conscription. The confrontation at the Bond School House resulted in four deaths. This program highlights events that led to that fateful day, as well as the actual shootout, its far reaching impact in North Carolina, and how it affected Yadkin County for the next 100 years.

The 1860 Presidential Election: In 1860, the country was facing major decisions in choosing the next President of the United States. With four major parties fielding candidates, much was at stake for the future of the country. This program highlights the party platforms and candidates, with an emphasis on how the election played into secession and war.

George W. Alexander - A Controversial Man in Controversial Times: Many interesting and dynamic personalities associated with the WBTS, are well known. George Washington Alexander, a staunch supporter of the Confederacy, can certainly be counted among them. While not very much is known about him, his life caught the eye of local author, Frances Casstevens, who wrote a book about him. This program highlights Frances’ research on him, making the case that he could possibly be the "most interesting man in the Confederacy"€.

Recruiting Foreigners at Salisbury Prison: Much attention has been given to the recruitment of Confederate POW's into the Federal Army during the War Between the States. However, far less information is available on the recruitment of Federal POW's into the Confederate Army. This program explores the subject of galvanizing of Federal Irish POW's into Confederate Service. Emphasis on recent discovered historical documents and information on recruitment activities at Salisbury Prison and the battles in which these Irish recruits fought for the South!

Tales of North Carolina Money during the War Between the States: This is a PowerPoint presentation on 10 examples of local and NC Confederate paper money and bonds, highlighting the brief story behind each one. All items in the presentation will be on display as well.

James Choate from Apex, NC 919-303-6152 - jchoate27502@yahoo.com
Subject(s): The Demise of Southern Music

George Crockett from far Southwestern, NC 828-369-0509 / geo_s_c@excite.com
Subject(s): Virtues, Principles, and Ideals of the Confederate Soldier


Kevin Duffus from Raleigh, NC 919-848-8030 / kevin_duffus@earthlink.net
Subject(s): Author of "The Lost Light, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse"



Tom Fagart from Concord, NC / tafagart@gmail.com
Subject(s): Little Known Facts on Tar Heels in the Elmira Prison Camp; Elmira Prison Camp - Hallowed Ground for Tar Heels; From Fort Fisher to Elmira - A Trail of Death.

Joel Fesperman from Albemarle, NC 704-463-1950 / joelfesperman@gmail.com
Subject(s): Six (6) Grandfathers served in the war



Gary Lee Hall from Wake Forest, NC. - 919-562-7993 (leave message) / hallgl@aol.com
Subject(s): Irish in the Confederate Army; John Randolph of Roanoke - Defender of States Rights; CSS Shenandoah (with Bryon Brady).
Information: Member of 47th Regiment NC Troops SCV Camp 166 in Wake Forest and the Captain James Iredell Waddell Chapter 32 of MOSB in Raleigh.

Michael Hardy from Crossnore, NC 828-737-0305 / mchardy@michaelchardy.com
Subject(s): 37th NCT, 58th NCT, The Battle of Hanover Courthouse, Confederate Reunions and Monuments, Civil War Charlotte, North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg, North Carolina and the War, North Carolina Remembers Chancellorsville, North Carolina as the Last Confederate Capital, Branch-Lane Brigade.

Jody Haynes 919-562-0923 / jodyhaynes@yahoo.com
Subject(s): Reenacting the 1st and 11th Regiments *email pending reply

C.J. Heffley from Greensboro, NC 336-949-4010 / carole2easton@yahoo.com
Subject(s): The Lost Confederate Soldier: The Story of Lt. Harry W. Coleman, CSA

Kelly Hinson 910-691-9116 / rebel.belle@hotmail.com
Subject(s): First person impression programs as Mrs. Stonewall Jackson and Mrs. Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Christmas on the Plantations of the Cape Fear, General Lee and Santa Claus, and A Soldiers Christmas, Southern Soldier Remembrance Foundation Speaker, Helps to get headstones approval from the VA

Mark Hughes from Kings Mountain, NC 704-730-9221 / wb4uhi@carolina.rr.com
Subject(s): Author of six books including The New Civil War Handbook, Confederate Cemeteries (2 volumes) and Confederate Soldiers of the Civil War (due out May 2017).
Topics: A Confederate Soldier goes to War; Confederate Soldiers; Confederate Cemeteries;
Researching Your Confederate Ancestor and Women in the Civil War
Website - http://www.civilwarhandbook.com/



J. Keith Jones from Graham, NC 336-263-7144 / jkjones1964@gmail.com
Subject(s): April 1861 in North Carolina Newspapers; Gordon's Brigade at Gettysburg;
The Boys of Diamond Hill - the Boyd brothers of Abbeville, SC in the war; The Angel of the Wheatfield: a story of compassion and personal risk; McGowan's Brigade at Gettysburg and Confederate Memorial Day Program: Confederate Compassion.
New program: On Sherman's Flanks: Joe Wheeler in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Wayne Jones from Augusta, SC 706-830-0930 / waynejonesanv@gmail.com
Subject(s): Major General J.E.B. Stuart


Charlie Knight 919-807-7993 / charles.knight@ncdcr.gov
Mr. Charlie Knight is the new Curator of Military History at the NC Museum of History. He came from Arizona where he was the Director of the Arizona Capitol Museum. Prior to that he was at MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, VA, for 13 years as Curator after serving as the historical interpreter at New Market Battlefield State Historical Park.
Subject(s): He is the author of Valley Thunder: The Battle of New Market, that was published by Savas Beatie in 2010, and is currently working on 2 more for Savas: Robert E Lee: Day by Day and a biography of William Mahone. He has spoken to countless CWRTs and SCV camps around the country as well as several conferences and 150th events on a variety of CW topics.

J.C. Knowles from Apex, NC 919-772-5472
Subject(s): NC History; NC Civil War; Fort Fisher; Bentonville & Stories Beyond the Grave


Dr. Richard Lobst from Western North Carolina 828-293-5043
Subject(s): Thomas Legion

Bill Lockridge from Mint Hill, NC 704-545-0083 / welhunter@aol.com
Subject(s): Evolution of Naval Siege and Seacoast Guns in the 18th and 19th century; Catesby AP Roger Jones "Hero of both American Navies and The Battle of Mobile Bay", The Selma Arsenal and CSS Virginia vs. USS Monitor.
*Available but requires transportation because he no longer drives.

Creighton Lovelace 828-305-8654 H / 828-305-5381 M / creiglovelace@gmail.com
Subject(s): Take My Stand in Dixieland; Yankee Yarns and Confederate Corrections; The Brave Banners; Southern Light (Freemasons in the Confederate States); The 3-Fold Cord (The Christian Character and Lives of Generals Lee and Jackson); The Confederate Amendments; Faint Not: 5 Battles You Never Knew Happened; Does the Jeff Davis Stamp Leave A Bad Taste? (Confederate Postal History); He Looks Like Lincoln (The Life and Times of our First and Last President - Jefferson Finis Davis); So Small A Nubbin (The Life and Times of our First and Last Vice-President - Alexander Hamilton Stephens); Christ and the Confederacy or Will The South Rise Again?; God Save The South; Jimmie: The Story of Jim Limber the 1st African-American in "a" White House; The March of the Southern Men: (Heroes from Capt. Lyle to Sgt. York to Lt. Audie Murphy); Is Our Camp 2-D or 3-D? (Motivation for Camps to re-focus on the Charge. Been called a "Revival"€ message); The Thin Gray Line (An overview of some former Confederates after the War and their claim to fame); Secession or Rebellion?; Sailing the Southern Skies (The Story of William Powers and his dream of creating the Confederate Air Force); A Confederate Martyr (The Story of William Bruce Mumford); Take My Stand in Dixieland; Six Gifts I Received When I Joined the SCV; Southern Magic.
*contact for more details, honorarium, etc.


Marty L. McGuinn - Camp 919, Blue Ridge Brigade - 828-429-9984 / svfiredog@yahoo.com
Subject(s): The Confederate Seal on the history and symbolism of the Great Seal.



Cheryl Oliver from Summerville, SC 843-297-5353
Subject(s): Her books, as well as other options: “Granddaddy Joe”, true story of a confederate soldier, and “Old World to New World, WARS”, Yankee & Confederate soldiers, in some of the same battles. Based on their diaries.



David and Debbie Patterson from Western, NC 828-369-3501
Subject(s): Clothing, Equipment and Flags of Confederate Soldiers and Clothing of the Women


Ronnie Roach from Mebane, NC 919-563-6834 / ronnie_s_roach@hotmail.com
Subject(s): Wade Hampton and My Heritage; Semmes and the Alabama - Privateers, Pirates or Patriots; The Charge; Why I Observe Confederate Memorial Day.

Teresa Roane from Richmond, VA - Archivist & Historian / georgewash1861@gmail.com
Subject(s): Confederate Soldiers of Color; Davis Family and their relationship with People of Color; Confederate History Matters!!!.

Jim Rogers from Statesville Camp 387 / jjjrogers@abts.net
Subject(s): North-South Skirmish Association; Treasures in the Attic - the story and artifacts of Louis T Wigfall, Confederate Senator during the War Between the States.

Darwin Roseman of Cary, NC - H: 919-467-6638; M: 919-244-9697 / droseman@bellsouth.net
Subject(s): Confederate Postal System, Confederate Christmas


Ellis Selph from Durham, NC 919-544-1900
Subject(s): Antique Gun Collection

Wade Sokolosky - Retired Army Colonel / sokolosky1@aol.com
Subject(s): several topics to choose from and is most willing to accept SCV invitations

Kent Strickland from Asheboro, NC 336-629-4563 / gkstrick@yahoo.com
Subject(s): Author of The Last to Die" based on NC 51st Regiment


Bernhard Thuersam / bernhard1848@gmail.com
Subject(s): Subject(s): Powerpoint presentations; Wilmington and the Secession Crisis, 1860-61; Peace Conferences During the War; Ironclad Defenders of the Cape Fear; Southern Agents to the North: Wilmington's Canadian Connection; General Robert Hoke and the Wilmington Campaign; The Myth of Saving the Union; Wilmington's Confederate Officers in Peace and War; North Carolina's WBTS Sesquicentennial Observance. Speaker for Lee's Birthday, Lee-Jackson Banquets, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Jefferson Davis's Birthday.

Bill Trotter from Greensboro, NC 336-274-0528
Subject(s): Author of Ironclads, Columbiads, and The Coast. The newest program from his new book "So Much Blood: The Civil War Letters of CSA Private William W Beard, 1861-1865"€.
*Available but requires transportation because he no longer drives.


Herman White from High Point, NC 336-431-3810
Subject(s): The Great Revivals in the Southern Armies; The Chaplaincy in the Southern Armies; Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?; Gen. N. B. Forrest; Col. John Mosby; Gen. Joseph (Jo) Shelby; The Sword of Maj. M. E. "Bushwhacker" Johnston (A Methodist preacher); The Patriotism of Southerners since 1865; President Jefferson Davis; The Bible and Slavery; What Shall We Do With Our Southern Inheritance; Several on Gen. Robert E. Lee (depends on format for the meeting; and the same for talks on Lt. Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson; Why We Fight: And numerous talks for Memorial Services depending on the format.

Robert Williamson - Curator of House of Flags Museum, Inc. 828-817-9428
Subject(s): "Flags of the Confederacy"
Bio: Robert Williamson has been associated with the only House of Flags Museum in America, right here in Columbus (NC) since 2004. He has helped set up the new museum facility, expand the flag collection, prepared and presented dozens of "flag talks" for large and small groups, radio and TV stations, and has been featured in several magazine and newspaper articles. He is Chairman of the 501(c)3 non-profit board of directors that oversees the museum. By day he consults with manufacturing companies, mines, and utilities to improve their performance. He is currently under contract as Polk County's Economic Development Director. He is currently in the final stages of researching and writing the only book that has ever been published on the history of the President's Flag of the United States of America (1817 to 1960). House of Flags Museum, Inc., 33 Gibson Street, Columbus, NC - The only house of flags museum in the America! Where Patriotism lives. Web Site: www.houseofflags.org

Patrick Womack, author - 919-644-6174 / patriwoma@aol.com
Subject(s): "Untold histories from before, during and after the Civil War are contained in my new book, A Son of Pittsylvania County Joins the Confederacy, which chronicles the story of the Womack clan during one of the most significant periods of our nation's history. Based on primary sources including personal letters and other family records, the book is centered around the experiences of James Womack, a youth whose life's path would eventually lead him to join the ranks of the Southern Confederacy. Follow the epic and tragic adventures of James Womack and 2nd Co. E, the local cavalry unit which participated in many of the most significant battles of the war, for the first time through Womack's previously-unpublished letters and diaries."


Billy YearginRELeeInAutumn@aol.com
Subject(s): Lectures on the War Between The States, Robert E. Lee and "Heroes of a Divided Culture." *Independently available as well as Road Scholar sponsored by the NC Humanities Council. Contact for more information about sponsorship from NCHC or programs.

NOTE: If you would like to be listed on this page, please contact our webmaster by clicking the link to email him. Thank you.

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Camp Education Packet PDF Print E-mail


Dear Educator,

In this day of high tech toys and easy travel, one would think that it would be an easy matter to educate our youth. But we, as educators, know this is far from the truth. So great a problem has been caused by the advent of new ideas and technologies that the simple practice of teaching our students has become a task for giants to undertake.

You may ask why any organization would undertake this task. We, the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, feel it is important that you have the needed tools. The NC SCV Education Committee has prepared teaching materials for use by our teachers and the following are enclosed.

• Handouts for your students inviting them to participate in a statewide essay contest.
• A list of possible lesson plans (which follow the state guidelines) to help you during your presentation of history of 1861-65.

In addition, our website, www.ncscv.net, contains an Educational services site which currently has eight course guides similar to the one enclosed. Additional lesson plans will be added in the future. Please feel free to contact me for information about our local mentor's program and about reenactors who will be happy to visit your school and present "first person" history lessons to your students.

Thank you for your time and your energy as a teacher. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact me.


Until then, I remain Remembering and Forever Vigilant,


Edward Lee Harris, Jr.
Education Committee Chairman




COMPLETE PACKAGE (1.88 Mbs) Requires Adobe Reader

Camp Instruction Letter (76 Kbs) Requires Adobe Reader
Essay Contest Announcement (71 Kbs) Requires Adobe Reader
Essay Contest Instructions (76 Kbs) Requires Adobe Reader
Classroom Mentor (81 Kbs) Requires Adobe Reader
Letter to Educators (50 Kbs) Requires Adobe Reader
Lesson Plan (735 Kbs) Requires Adobe Reader
Student Handout

To view and print the above downloaded file, Adobe Reader is required. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader by "CLICKING HERE" and following the instructions.

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Index to Confederate Issues PDF Print E-mail


A. Proper uses of the “Confederate flag"

1. The difference in Confederate flags.

2. Flying a Confederate flag for Confederate Memorial Day?

3. A symbol of oppression and slavery?

4. A symbol of bigotry and racism?

5. During The Civil War, did North Carolina have another flag?

B. Issues surrounding The War Between the States (WBTS)

1. Wasn't the WBTS really a civil war?

2. Wasn't WBTS fought to end slavery?

3. Didn't most North Carolinians own slaves before the war?

4. Did any African Americans fight for The Confederacy?

5. Why would an African Americans serve the Confederacy?

6. Wasn't secession an illegal act?

7. Why secession - Ordinance?

8. Why secession - Proclamation?

C. Honoring our Confederate veterans

1. Why is it important to honor Confederate veterans?

2. Should they be honored with other U.S. veterans?

3. How can you honor people who were traitors to their country?

4. Why is May 10th Confederate Memorial Day?

D. About The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)

1. What is the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

2. What kind of civic projects does the SCV perform?

3. Is the SCV a racist organization?

4. Is the SCV a political organization?

5. Can African American join?

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NC Battlefields and Museums PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Hicks   
Sunday, 27 December 2009 08:30

Text input for NC Battlefields and Museums goes here.

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Why Session- Ordinance? PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Hicks   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 15:43

AN ORDINANCE to dissolve the union between the State of North Carolina and the other States united with her, under the compact of government entitled "The Constitution of the United States."

We, the people of the State of North Carolina in convention assembled, do declare and ordain, and it is hereby declared and ordained, that the ordinance adopted by the State of North Carolina in the convention of 1789, whereby the Constitution of the United States was ratified and adopted, and also all acts and parts of acts of the General Assembly ratifying and adopting amendments to the said Constitution, are hereby repealed, rescinded, and abrogated.


We do further declare and ordain, that the union now subsisting between the State of North Carolina and the other States, under the title of the United States of America, is hereby dissolved, and that the State of North Carolina is in full possession and exercise of all those rights of sovereignty which belong and appertain to a free and independent State.

Done in convention at the city of Raleigh, this the 20th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1861, and in the eighty-fifth year of the independence of said State.

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Why Session- Proclamation? PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Hicks   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 15:44

Whereas, by Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, followed by a requisition of Simon Cameron, Secretary of War, I am informed that the said Abraham Lincoln has made a call for 75,000 men to be employed for the invasion of the peaceful homes of the South, and for the violent subversion of the liberties of a free people, constituting a large part of the whole population of the late United States.


And, whereas, this high-handed act of tyrannical outrage is not only in violation of all constitutional law, in utter disregard of every sentiment of humanity and Christian civilization, and conceived in a spirit of aggression unparalleled by any act of recorded history, but is a direct step towards the subjugation of the whole South, and the conversion of a free Republic, inherited from our fathers, into a military despotism, to be established by worse than foreign enemies on the ruins of our once glorious Constitution of Equal Rights.


Now, therefore, I, John W. Ellis, Governor of the State of North Carolina, for these extraordinary causes, do here by issue this, my Proclamation, notifying and requesting the Senators and Members of the House of Commons of the General Assembly of North Carolina, to meet in Special Session at the Capitol, in the City of Raleigh, on Wednesday the first day of May next.


And I furthermore exhort all good citizens throughout the State to be mindful that their first allegiance is due to the Sovereignty which protects their homes and dearest interests, as their first service is due for the sacred defense of their hearths, and of the soil which holds the graves of our glorious dead. United action in defense of the sovereignty of North Carolina, and of the rights of the South, becomes now the duty of all.


Given under my hand, and attested by the Great Seal of the State. Done at the City of Raleigh, the 17th day of April; A.D, 1861, and in the eighty-fifth year of our Independence.

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