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A. Proper uses of the “Confederate flag"

1. The difference in Confederate flags.

2. Flying a Confederate flag for Confederate Memorial Day?

3. A symbol of oppression and slavery?

4. A symbol of bigotry and racism?

5. During The Civil War, did North Carolina have another flag?

B. Issues surrounding The War Between the States (WBTS)

1. Wasn't the WBTS really a civil war?

2. Wasn't WBTS fought to end slavery?

3. Didn't most North Carolinians own slaves before the war?

4. Did any African Americans fight for The Confederacy?

5. Why would an African Americans serve the Confederacy?

6. Wasn't secession an illegal act?

7. Why secession - Ordinance?

8. Why secession - Proclamation?

C. Honoring our Confederate veterans

1. Why is it important to honor Confederate veterans?

2. Should they be honored with other U.S. veterans?

3. How can you honor people who were traitors to their country?

4. Why is May 10th Confederate Memorial Day?

D. About The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)

1. What is the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

2. What kind of civic projects does the SCV perform?

3. Is the SCV a racist organization?

4. Is the SCV a political organization?

5. Can African American join?

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