Heritage Violation Procedure Print


1. Remain calm and collected. We must always act in a manner befitting the dignity of the heritage we seek to preserve. Those persons or groups who cause a heritage violation often do so in a manner deliberately intended to provoke us into intemperate response.

2. Record all of the facts. Retrieve names, addresses, and telephone numbers of everyone involved in the issue. If you hear any of the information second-hand, contact someone directly involved for confirmation.


3. Notify the local Camp Commander. You and he can discuss the situation and decide how best to handle it. More than likely, a Camp can develop a response on the local level, but occasionally a group of Camps within a Brigade or two Brigades can handle the situation. If needed, the entire Division can be called upon for assistance.


4. Notify the Division Heritage Officer. Even if the local Camp is to handle the situation, over time patterns among incidents could arise and such information may help in future heritage fights. Keep the Heritage Officer apprised of all actions carried out by the Camp, in case a local incident escalates into a regional or statewide situation.


5. When you have a meeting with the parties involved, come prepared and look professional. Dress accordingly.

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