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Saturday 27 Feb 2021

North Carolina Confederate Leadership PDF Print E-mail

Ellis, John Willis - Served 1859 thru 1861
Clark, Henry Toole - 1861 thru 1862
Vance, Zebulon Baird - 1862 thru 1865


1Anderson, George Burgwyn, Brigadier (b.1831, d.1862)
2 Armistead, Louis Addison, Brigadier (b.1817, d.1863)
3 Baker, Laurence Simmons, Brigadier (b.1830, d.1907)
4 Barringer, Rufus, Brigadier (b.1821, d.1895)
5 Barry, John Decatur, Brigadier (b.1838, d.1867)
6 Bragg, Braxton, General (b.1817, d.1876)
7 Branch, Lawrence O'Bryan, Brigadier (b.1820, d.1862)
8 Bullock, Robert, Brigadier (b.1828, d.1905)
9 Clark, David, Brigadier (b.1820, d.1882)
10 Clingman, Thomas Lanier, Brigadier (b.1812, d.1897)
11 Conner, James, Brigadier (b.1829, d.1883)
12 Cooke, John Rogers, Brigadier (b.1833, d.1891)
13 Cox, William Ruffin, Brigadier (b.1832, d.1919)
14 Daniel, Junius, Brigadier (b.1828, d.1864)
15 Dockery, Thomas Pleasant, Brigadier (b.1833, d.1898)
16 Forney, John Horace, Major General (b.1829, d.1902)
17 Foreny, William Henry, Brigadier (b.1823, d.1894)
18 Fowle, Daniel Gould, Major General (b.1831, d.1891)
19 Garrott, Isham Warren, Brigadier (b.1816, d.1863)
20 Gatlin, Richard Caswell, Brigadier (b.1809, d.1896)
21 Gilmer, Jeremy Francis, Major General (b.1818, d.1883)
22 Godwin, Archibald Campbell, Brigadier (b.1831, d.1864)
23 Gordon, James Byron, Brigadier (b.1822, d.1864)
24 Govan, Daniel Chevillette, Brigadier (b.1829, d.1911)
25 Grimes, Bryan, Major General (b.1828, d.1880)
26 Gwynn, Walter, Brigadier (b.1802, d.1882)
27 Hill, Daniel Harvey, Lieutenant General (b.1821, d.1889)
28 Hoke, John Franklin, Brigadier (b.1820, d.1888)
29 Hoke, Robert Frederick, Major General (b.1837, d.1912)
30 Holmes, Theophilus Hunter, Lieutenant General (b.1804, d.1880)
31 Iverson, Alfred Jr., Brigadier (b.1829, d.1911)
32 Johnston, George Doherty, Brigadier (b. 1832, d. 1910)
33 Johnston, Robert Daniel, Brigadier (b.1837, d.1919)
34 Kirkland, William Whedbee, Brigadier (b.1833, d.1915)
35 Lane, James Henry, Brigadier (b.1833, d.1907)
36 Leventhorpe, Collett, Brigadier (b.1815, d.1889)
37 Lewis, William Gaston, Brigadier (b.1835, d.1901)
38 MacRae, William, Brigadier (b.1834, d.1882)
39 Martin, James Green, Brigadier (b.1819, d.1878)
40 McElroy, John Wesley, Brigadier (b.1808, d.1886)
41 McNair, Evander, Brigadier (b. 1820, d. 1902)
42 Pender, William Dorsey, Major General (b.1834, d.1863)
43 Pettigrew, James Johnston, Brigadier (b.1828, d.1863)
44 Polk, Leonidas, Lieutenant General (b.1806, d.1864)
45 Polk, Lucius Eugene, Brigadier (b.1833, d.1892)
46 Rains, Gabriel James, Brigadier (b.1803, d.1881)
47 Ramseur, Stephen Dodson, Major General (b.1837, d.1864)
48 Ransom, Matt Whitaker, Brigadier (b.1826, d.1904)
49 Ransom, Robert Jr., Major General (b.1828, d.1892)
50 Richardson, Robert Vinkler, Brigadier (b.1820, d.1870)
51 Roberts, William Paul, Brigadier (b.1841, d.1910)
52 Scales, Alfred Moore, Brigadier (b.1827, d,1892)
53 Toon, Thomas Fentress, Brigadier (b.1840, d.1902)
54 Tucker, William, Brigadier (b.1827, d.1881)
55 Vance, Robert Brank, Brigadier (b.1828, d.1899)
56 Whiting, William Henry Chase, Major General (b.1824, d.1865)
57 Wilcox, Cadmus Marcellus, Major General (b.1824, d.1890)