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Monday 08 Mar 2021

Confederate Devotions

The GREAT revival in the Confederate Army, during the period from 1861 to 1865, is one of the most unique revivals in American history. Some call it The Third Great Awakening. This work of Divine Grace first appeared in camps and hospitals around Richmond. When the army moved, the revival was greatly accelerated. Services were conducted through the week in units by chaplains and missionaries sent by various denominations. General John B. Gordon, who actively participated in the revival, tells us that in every camp religious altars were erected around which ragged soldiers knelt and worshiped: "The religious revivals which ensued formed a most remarkable and important chapter in war history. Rocks and woods rang with appeals to holiness. Thousands became soldiers of the Cross." The reports of the revival read like a roster of the Southern Army spreading from company to regiment, regiment to brigade, brigade to division, and from division to army corps. Go back in time as each week actual historical tracts, devotions, and newspaper articles will be posted here with a transcript and a collectible download!

BOOK: The Great Revival which Prevailed in the Southern Armies 

Prodigal Sons PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Hicks   
Monday, 20 May 2013 00:00


No. 69



REV. DANIEL A. PENICK, SR., Rocky River, N. C.

Surely there are many prodigal sons in the army. They are the loved ones of praying christian parents, wives and sisters. They have been trained up and educated for God. Having created them and preserved them, given his Son to redeem them and his Spirit to quicken and sanctify them; He is emphatically their Father, and justly claims their confidence and affection--their obedience and devotion as his children. But they have ignored God as their Father, have departed from Him, and chosen to have their own way.

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I Cannot Change My Own Heart PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Hicks   
Monday, 18 February 2013 00:00

No. 81

Petersburg, Va.


If you are serious in saying, "I cannot change my own heart," yet can you not use God's prescribed means, in order to that blessed change? If you cannot act holily as a saint, can you not act rationally as a man? I appeal to your reason and conscience in some particulars. Is it impossible for you to attend upon the preaching of the gospel, which is God's power unto salvation, the seal by which he impresses his image, the glass though which his glory shines to the changing souls into the same likeness? Are you not as able to go to church as to the tavern; and to sit in the assembly of saints as of mockers? Is it impossible for you to consult the written word of God, and thence learn what you must be and do in order to blessedness?

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Pastor "Kip" Vinson, Editor

Doug Lupo PhotoRev. "Kip" Vinson, Jr., current Pastor of Oak Level Baptist Church, Rocky Mount. SCV member since 2001, joined the Rivers Bridge Camp in Fairfax, SC. Moved to Rocky Mount, in 2005, and joined the Jesse Barnes Camp located in Wilson. Current Commander of Robert Henry Ricks Camp and North Central Brigade. B.A. History at Wofford College and an M.Div. from Gardner-Webb. Eagle Scout and received God and Country Award.

Eric Rudd, Editor

Doug Lupo PhotoI have been a member of the SCV since 2003. My ancestor, Pvt. George Washington Wright served with he 34th NC Troops, Company B, and was a farmer from Caswell County. I have been Chaplain of Col. Charles Fisher Camp #813 since 2009, which has been a unique blessing in my life. I am the 2012 recipient of The Rev. J. William Jones Christian Award and have been graced to serve people through my profession as a Funeral Director.